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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Bill and Michelle's wedding

Bill and Michelle's wedding, originally uploaded by JackRyder.

Yesterday murasaki_1966 and I were fortunate enough to attend the wedding of Bill Congreve and Michelle Marquardt.

Without a doubt (discounting my own) it was the loveliest wedding I'd been to. Both bride and groom were radiant.

The wedding was performed at St Bonaventure's Church, Leura, by Father Bob (a Father Bob, not the Father Bob) and for a religious service, did not get up the nose of the assembled atheists and agnostics too much (due to some judicious pruning by Bill and Michelle when planning the ceremony.)

The reception was back at their place (and I'm sure catsparx will have her photos up soon) and a grand time was had by all.

Though as ashamel pointed out, one meteor strike would have taken out most of the Australian fantastic writing community as Rob Hood was best man, kylaw, ladnews, Simon Brown, Chuck McKenzie and Terry Dowling were also in attendance.

There was also an impromptu ceremony conferring 2/3rds of Edwina Grey with her justly won Aurealis Award.

Congratulations Bill and Michelle, once again!

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I loved Bills (reputed) comment about the church service: "There's an awful lot about God in here".

They look so happy! I'm so happy for them! Awww!!!

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