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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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"The Old Crowd"

ferkster , murasaki_1966  and I went to see our Wildcard entry in Short and Sweet "The Old Crowd".

Despite my reservation that all the actresses looked around the same age (and, crucially, one actress appeared to be older than an actress she was meant to be younger than) the play worked quite well. Well enough for ferkster  and I to revisit the script and clean it up.

It was well directed by Henry Jennings, and brilliantly performed by Bronwen Calcraft, Lisa Woodward and Majella Nolan. I really enjoy writing comedy for women, I still think actresses get little chance to show off their comedy skillz. Hopefully this will bode well for "Gone Bush".

Picture of cast and director: