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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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New Year's Eve open day

If you can read this and you have nowhere else to spend New Year's Eve, murasaki_1966 and I invite you over to our place to indulge in games, strange videos, pagan cat worship and like-minded company. Just bring your favourite beverage/stimulant and food.

If you've forgotten where we live, or just want to hassle us, leave a comment.

Happy New Year!

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We got AtmosFear for Chrissie.

Aren't you glad we can't make it?

Yes, please inflict it on Cat and Rob. For all our sakes!

And you're going to inflict it on me and James on Saturday, aren't you? - which reminds me, I should call James.

Yes. We will at least give it a go, for we are stoic and numb of spirit.

Damn! Now I regret my prior engagement.

Damn. I would be trapped here in Dallas on New Year's Eve, wouldn't I?

If you and the Czarina ever make to Sydney at any time, we have spare beds. And the food is good.

Jus to be clear on the catering side of things: we will be supplying dinner (salads and chinese chicken wings), some chips, dip, frankfurters and whatever else is left over here from the last party. Pleaswe bring whatever you most want to drink,and whatever food you can't survive NYE without...

Have a great new year guys

super hugs


p.s thanks for the chrissy card it was the only one I got so its great!

Yes, it was one of the few I got and then I felt Super Bad for not sending one back.

'Bad Santa' Berko

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