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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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For My Canberra Readers

murasaki_1966 and I will be down in Canberra from Xmas to the 29th, so we were hoping to catch up with a few of the Canberra SF writers whilst we're down.

My rough idea is that we arrange to meet somewhere for lunch where everyone can get to and continue on from there.

As I'm no longer familiar with the best lunch places in Canberra (or the geographic spread of the Canberra residents) I'm hoping that some of you will reply to this and suggest a good venue and day.

Hope to see at least some of you soon!

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Civic is still a reasonably good place to meet for lunch: I like Cafe Essen but it's not really suited to largeish groups. Babar's is pretty good, near Electric Shadows.

(I should be around.)

I always suggest the cafe in Chifley shops cos there's only one and it also has a wine bar. It has *very comfy seats and there are none of the parking problems you get in Civic. Plus there is only one cafe in Chifley shops :). Trouble is, every time I've met people there we have just stayed there and not been bothered going on to dinner anywhere.

Chifley sounds good. Mmmm, comfy seats.

Stu, you okay with Chifley?

And does anyone have a preferred day? 27th, maybe?

Both Chifley and the 27th sound good to me!

I don't mind where it is, so long as there is food, and the coffee's good.

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