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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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For those who don't already know.

Rudd's in, Beazley's out

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I'm hoping this is the beginning of political change.

My elderly mother wrote an angry letter to her MP on Friday saying that if Labor didn't get a decent environmental policy *soon* she would be forced to vote Green.

My gut tells me this is a good thing.

That's interesting. I rather like Rudd, although I'm sort of sorry for old Beazelbum, always the bridesmaid! Like Bill Hayden, but with Groundhog Day mixed in.

From what I've read, Peter Garrett is on Rudd's side - it would be good to see him get a shadow ministry. Also, it's a good thing the vote was decisive: 49 vs 39; so five votes would have to change to upset Rudd's leadership. I think anything less would have made it worryingly unstable.

I think this is the right choice. I smell changes coming on the wind. A real Opposition at last, maybe?

A real Opposition at last, maybe? Forgive my cynicism, but I thought that the last time, and look how that worked out.

Ah, but this time there are no cabbies with broken arms in the background of the major players. The worst I've heard of Rudd is he can be snappish with his support staff. But politics does justifiably attract cynicism, so I do know where you're coming from.

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