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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Saturday Games Day

Last Saturday iwoolf, ashamel, mrteufel, shellshear, Tim , Garfield and Michael came over and played some games.

What we played.

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Yay cheerleader!

Fairy Tale: It's a rare and strange feeling when all the rules come together in your head and you suddenly see the whole game.

We need to introduce you to a few more Euro-games with non-intuitive rules.

Taj Mahal is one of my favourites - you can win by bowing out of conflicts early (it can be too easy to win against people used to something like Risk where they have to conquer each and every province - Taj Mahal rewards you for picking your fights well.)

Have you played Bohnanza yet? It's a card game where you have to play the cards in the order they are in your hand (something that screws up a lot of people the first time they play it.)

Even Settlers has that issue - the resource dice roll applies to everyone, not just the player who rolls it.

Fairy Tale was interesting - the majority of the actual game is in the drafting, not the playing of cards. King of the Elves is similar in that the actual game is in the construction of your hand - playing it out is almost an afterthought.

Oh well, more games for another time. (and I haven't even tried out Horrorclix yet.)

Played Bohnanza lots with Ashamel and Tim, and James (you met once I think).

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