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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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The Arrival by Shaun Tan

I finally 'read' it last night.

A work of sheer brilliance and emotional insight. Several pages brought tears to my eyes as Tan explores the alienation and eventual integration of migrants and the migrant experience.

One of the best graphic novels - ever (yes, I would put it up there with Maus and Alan Moore's oeuvre.)

Buy it now.

(and it did not deserve the positive, but rather off-hand review it got in the SMH a couple of weeks ago. It seems the literary community are far behind the rest of the world in appreciation of graphic novels.)

[edited: found link to SMH review]

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I agree. It's a deeply moving book. Shaun captures nuances of expression so well. The book is packed with extraordinary images: whether breathtaking, nightmarish or simply touching, there are several pictures that are, each on their own, worth the price of the book.

Is it available in mainstream bookshops, do you know?

It's from a major Australian publisher so it should be.

Well, Lothian were a major publisher but I don't want to reignite any bad memories for ashamel and martinlivings


Dymocks have it - in the children's section as, of course, it's a picture book. Must be next to the Robert Crumbs...

Cool. I'll have a look in *squeak* Borders next time I'm there. :)

Yes, it seems to be quite widely distributed. I bought mine in Angus & Robertson and a friend bought one at Abbeys.

Ours is signed bu Shaun! what a lovely man, and what a great artist. He's producing work that is the equal of anything that is hanging in a gallery. I wonder if he sells his orginals (like Robert Ingpen).

Not in Amazon, that I can see.

I think you're underselling the review. For the reviewer to admit to a loss of words when faced with it, to me, speaks volumes. Words are a reviewer's bread and butter nearly as much as a writer. And the words that are in the review are very positive, altho, yeah, there is a reluctance to see it first as an adult peice of literature.

It certainly makes me want to buy it, altho your comments help with that.

Have a look at it when you're next at our place

I will. Had a brief glance at Iain's b'day party, enough to want more.

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