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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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It's my birthday today!

Okay, I'm posting belatedly. Still recovering from Saturday night where I had (with a lot of help from murasaki_1966) a double 21st.

I didn't have a 21st birthday party, my father was in hospital and actually died that morning. He was resuscitated but finally died - for real - 6 days later.

Not a happy time in my life.

This, however, was/is. 

Those with ljs who were there were: ashamel,kylaw,shellshear,mrteufel,iwoolf,kalenture,catsparx,chrisbarnes, murasaki_1966  (of course) and ferkster. And I've probably left some one out (as well as all those without ljs who were there.) Anyway catsparx  took some photos of the party. And here they are.

A very special guest was Michelle, who had arranged her trip back to Australia from England to coincide with the party. It was wonderful to see her again, and witness how at ease with herself she is, since her move to the UK.

We had a spit and a jukebox and when I'm less buggered I'll post the photos.

And the presents were far too generous

I had a day off on my birthday and spent it... pissing about mostly.

Watched Rampo Noir as I knew murasaki_1966  wouldn't be into it. Extremely good, but brutal and nasty, adaptations of stories by Edogawa Rampo. Very different to a typical j-horror film, these stories are more psychologically based and extremely disturbing. Just thing for a birthday.

My order of games from Milsims arrived, so I now have a game about voting people out of shops in a mall to be eaten by zombies  and a game where each player is a member of the Russian royal family playing with a revolver

Who says I'm twisted?

And this just in - both our plays are on the short list for Short and Sweet in Sydney. Now we have to wait to see which one is selected.

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Happy Birthday, youngster! Wish I'd been there!


Thanks for the good wishes.

Hey, the good news is, you're always younger than someone else (in this case, me!). But don't worry, I'll tell you where to get the real deal on zimmer frames when the time comes.

thanks, Gillian. When are you up in Sydney?

25 November. I'm up before that, but that time is really for my cousin, since her father just died - I won't know till I get there if I have any time free *except* for the whole day of 25th. I'll be at the Freecon and having coffee with a friend afterwards and keep wondering if Saturday dinner for any and all wouldn't be a great deal of fun. My only restriction for Saturday is that I find a way to get back to Drummoyne at the end of things.

Dinner sounds good (I'll have to pass it by Llyn) and Drummoyne is near our place, so if things work out, we can meet you for dinner and give you a lift home.

Sounds good to me, too :). The lift bit sounds especially good - I hate public transport at night.

I wish. At least I made it to Uncle.

Happy Birthday! Wish I'd been there.

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