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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Back to your lives

There is no ban on Vegemite in the US

Who'd have thought the Australian press would screw up so badly?

Oh well, things will be better soon...

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I just looked again at your original link to the Courier Mail. They directly quote Daniel Fogarty saying he was hassled going over the US-Canadian border, and Paul Watkins who said he was forced by the FDA to stop importing it to his US shop.

Do the men exist, and did they say this, and did it happen? Or should we just believe the FDA when they say we should have but didn't?

Paul Watkins has his store at http://about-australia-shop.com/ and all the vegemite containing products are "out of stock".

Daniel Fogarty is found at http://www.geelonginfo.com.au/readarticle.asp?articleid=21187
"Former Geelong Advertiser reporter Daniel Fogarty was among people to raise international alarm after he and his partner Sarah Egan were asked by US border police if they were carrying any Vegemite into the country."
I suspect the Geelong Advertiser is the origin of the story. They tell their story here, (google cached because the page broke)

Shane Simmons on http://www.eyestrainproductions.com/es/pivot/entry.php?id=106 had his Vegemite taken away travelling from Hawaii to Vancouver because it was considered a gel. All liquids and gels were trashed, because everyone knows that anything not solid can explode on a plane.

Good old Advertiser, a Media watch favourite.

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