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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Long Weekend

The big news is that I can finally reveal that murasaki_1966 has a new job! She starts as the Library Manager at Blacktown Hospital on the 23rd.


We are now in the waiting stage to see if any of our eggs hatch so to speak. If they do, we won't be posting it here until we're past the three month stage. So you'll have to live in suspenders until then.

Unless they don't. But that's not going to happen.

We had one of our major game days (second this year) on Monday, with an increase in attendance: ashamel, kylaw, mrteufel, iwoolf, kalenture and Richard and Tim (who don't have ljs to my knowledge). The list of games (and my thoughts on them) are here. We're thinking of running a board games day for each of the Grand Finals next year.

Photos to follow (especially kylaw's arty one of the Dark World game.) We then went to a farewell dinner for Bianca (who kindly supplied us with the copy of Dark World) at the Hogsbreath Cafe in Northmead. I kept expecting Moe to jump out with a Nacho hat filled with sparklers.

ferkster and I made real progress on the second act of our first full-length play, so I'm feeling really optimistic about it. We're going to spend a couple of days in Melbourne for the opening night of "Relics" (there will be other ten minute plays as well but they're not as important) so I've been arranging that. Unfortunately, due to said new job, murasaki_1966 won't be joining us. (She'd get bored anyway, after the second comic shop.)

Any ideas of good, geeky shops in Melbourne (especially book, comic and/or game stores)?

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That was a d@mn fun day. We gotta do that again!

I think you were a bit tough on the games. But perhaps your expectations are higher than mine.

Just as a discussion starter:

What do you consider the best game out? What do you think would be the features of "the perfect game"?

It's really a matter of taste

I like games which make you think differently and with a moderate to minimal amount of luck. I'm a bit of a snob really, once I was introduced to Eurogames.

Two of my all time favourite games are by the same designer, Reiner Knizia. They are Tigris and Euphrates, and Taj Mahal.

The game I was thinking you might really enjoy is Runebound, but it can take a long time to play (it took a couple of goes to be able to finish a game in a night, and that was with three players - it can take up to six.)

Mind you time is relative. I prefer games that are over in an hour or two, unless they're really involving and I can set aside the time to play them.

The games I like are where you feel you're making real decisions (as per the game) and there's real tension in the play. I'm more into gameplay than theme (whereas I suspect most of the group are the other way) so I'll put up with something that appears to be quite abstract (like T&E, or Taj) as long as the game play is engrossing. As I say, I've become quite a snob about it. And that being said, the next two games I'm looking forward to getting are Marvel Heroes and BattleLore (which I have on preorder) - so I am a sucker for theme at times too.

After my birthday you probably should come over one evening so we can play a couple of them. I'd like to save Runebound for David and Kyla (and maybe Tim) as well, so that may be another weekend jobbie.

Re: It's really a matter of taste

Runebound looks very pretty, with blank figures I'd love to paint. But I'm not just a theme fiend. I quite enjoy some of the cheapass games (forget the names - one's about speeding thru a mall; the other is about buying and selling bits for monsters - especially how it affects the village population.)

Re: It's really a matter of taste

one's about speeding thru a mall

That's Spree. Played David and Kyla's copy some time ago. I'm not enamored of the Cheapass games, but they seem to have found a real niche amongst role-players (Mary - aka kalenture has a few.)

In that case, I may be more of a theme fiend than you - or at least a component junkie :)

Runebound is fun because there's some character management and combat tactics amongst the monster hunting and killing.

is Culdcept

You're going to Slow Glass books, right? (If it's still around. It's been a while.)

Thanks for the reminder. Justin was going to get "Magic for Beginners" in for me, so I can at least get him to place it on order.

I'd forgotten they had a store front.

(Just checked, they don't.)

Can't you with for your birthday? Good things will be yours (and I'm not just talking about me ;) )

I'll be in Melbourne after my birthday (as you well know.)

I wasn't planning on ordering it until then or later (now that I know there's no shop front.)

Sorry to force you to blow the gaffe.

I got my dates mixed up. The calendar is at home......

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