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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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It's our 4th Wedding Anniversary

Here are murasaki_1966 and I with our best woman on the day.

Picture by catsparx

Yes, I have Alfalfa's hair cut. I thought the wedding had an "Our Gang" theme.

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We had a theme?


You looked so handsome. Still do. Love you marvellous man.

congratulations! But was it only four years ago? In my mind its at least 6. Not that my mind is much of a judge of anything these days.

Thanks for doing the photos. We treasure them.

no worries. But the light on the day was impossible. sun overhead, grumble grumble, etc.

yeah, I was thinking of adding that as a caveat - due to lighting conditions the photos aren't examples of your best work.

no need. generally folks look at the people in photos rather than assess lighting conditions.

You did a fantastic job. The photos look great. Even I look great. Now stop grumbling. You have writing to do.

actually I have paid employment kinda stuff to do. Am at work.

actually I have paid employment kinda stuff to do. Am at work.

We became a couple over eight years ago (nine years first week in November.)

It was a week after my 33rd birthday dinner at the Banks Thai - Alison was in town, so after my birthday dinner, you went off with her to Susie's place (as she lived a block or so away from me in Enmore.)

Just in case that sparks (sorry) a memory.

I remember all these things. My timeline is off kilter is all.

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