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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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My favourite cartoon

Bless you, Youtube.

For your edification, here's Bad Luck Blackie - a Tex Avery classic

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Thanks for that, I'm a Tex Avery fan, but I don't think I'd seen that before. Perhaps I should spend some time looking into youtube. I haven't been able to save the files with videodownloader yet.

I found it by accident - "Little Red Hot Riding Hood" is on google video but that's all I've found (aside from snippets from the tv show "The Wacky World of Tex Avery" which had nothing to do with him except the title.)

There are rumours there'll be an official DVD release of his cartoons in the next few years. Can't wait.

Fancy that, it's one of my favourites too. Along with "Duck Season", "What's Opera Doc?" and "Red Hot Riding Hood"

I have "Whats Opera Doc"? and possibly "Red Hot Riding Hood" on videotape. I have the Looney Tunes Golden Collection 4-disc DVD box, which has "Duck Season", but then its an odd lot of choices. I haven't investigated the WB DVD boxes that have come out since. "Feed the Kitty" and "Duck Dodgers" are among my favourites.

Is Duck Dodger the one with Daffy in space? ANd which one is the one where he gets rubbed out? I don't remember "Feed the kitty", but I probably did see it, I just can't remember (I grow old, I grow old).

Duck Dodger the one with Daffy in space?


which one is the one where he gets rubbed out?</a>

Duck Amuck

I can't remember "Feed the Kitty" either (just checked - it's the first Marc Antony cartoon - the bulldog and the little kitten - an inversion of "Bad Luck Blackie")

Sorry, my mistake when looking just at the titles on the box. The cartoon I was thinking of is called "Chow Hound":

"A muscular dog exploits a cat and a mouse for food, but they keep forgetting to bring him gravy!" http://www.bcdb.com/bcdb/cartoon.cgi?film=3733

This is notable for its dark humor (more a Michael Maltese thing) and its somewhat larger cast of characters and its caricatures of various Warners animators, Chuck Jones himself included (BOTH as zookeeper and as the mouse doing the censored pygmy scene.) BTW It's said that Ted Pierce did the zookeeper (though now no longer reguarly writing for CJ which he WOULD during the Maltese tenure at Lantz for one of Chuck's last goos uses of Daffy, ROCKET SQUAD,and Pierce also wrote for Jones for one of Daws Butler's early WB appearances, BARBARY COAST BUNNY; Mike Maltese wrote CHOW HOUND and almost all 50s Jones shorts, Peirce still worked for everyone as a voice artist;also doing this earlier for Flesicher!!) .BTW That zoo curator sounded vaguely like character actor and Disney great Sterling Holloway, which always sounded odd next to J.T.Smith as the dog and Mel Blanc as most others.The mouse has a Mel Blanc-provided unique falstetoo,and some other interesting Blanc voices are the impression of CJ animator Ken Harris as the old man who owns "Timothy"..great rendition..and the cat's ONLY line, at the end is Mel doing his famed BUGS BUNNY "This time.."

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