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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Finally saw Boston Legal last night

after being badgered by three disparate friends all in the same week.

and you've converted me: Shatner is great playing some kind of bizarre version of himself (though I think Shatner did give a truly great performance once, in Corman's "Intruder") but James Spader is magnificent - I couldn't take my eyes off him  - he's a lot pudgier than I remember him, but damn! what a fine actor.

of course, it doesn't hurt having Candice Bergin and Rene Auberjonois in the cast as well but they weren't in this episode as much.

Guess I'll have to find the dvds of the first season...

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...and the dialogue's sharp. My favourite of last night, Shatner (in reply to how long he has known about his wife's previous fraud), "Since our third date. If I sleep with any woman three times, I get her investigated". Beautifully delivered.

Me, too. Are there DVDs?! I only discovered it recently myself, & now I love it.

Found it for $58.95 from DVDAU.com

It may be a Region 1 version, according to EzyDVD the Region 4 isn't out until August 9th.

Are they really worth collecting though? I mean Deadwood it ain't.

I've only been a fan for a handful of episodes, so I'll be VERY interested in the DVDs!!! Take note of how the camera keeps zooming in on the hand gestures during an episode. Shatner referred to himself as having Mad Cow disease in a recent episode, and I haven't seen enough of his weirdness to know whether it was a joke...

I still think James Spader's character is gay (and very closeted).


“For evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to say, “It’s just business.”

-Allan Shaw, Boston Legal.

That's the problem with this show: it's so bloody quotable.

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