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IVF Update

murasaki_1966 has undergone the indignity of having parts of herself taken out and put back in, with bits of me added, and now all we can do is wait.

And not go horse riding.

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(Deleted comment)
I like that.... mine you those would be the little jack ryders. The little murasakis would be complaining about the lack of books, and why can't I do my embroidery?

A ha, I came in late to a conversation about this on the weekend, and wasn't sure what the details were. But good luck to both of you.

Good luck! I hope it goes well.

"And not go horse riding"

Or bungee jumping, deep sea diving, trampolining or doing reallu interesting drugs.

Damn, my options are sooo limited now.

You should have taken all those things up just so you could give them up

Don't worry, once she's on the really interesting drugs, she will.

All at once.

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