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Our next project

We've written Clover Moore's monologue, and Clover will be played by the lovely Sheree da Costa. ferkster is directing.

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Time to organize a group outing! Should we choose a night when the playwrights will be attending? It was luck to meet up with you at Short and Sweet.

Stephen, a new Diffusion radio show recruit recognized your name when I mentioned I knew a playwright who'd written radio plays for FBI. He knew you'd contributed to Short and Sweet. I don't have his surname, but he's a professional photographer, if that helps place him.

I don't think there's going to be any problem with me just meeting you there, as long as I've got advanced warning. Brett's got other stuff on but he's going to make a couple each week so I can't guarantee both of us will be there at the same time. We will both be there for closing night, however. Just let me know when you want to go along and I'll met you there.

I can't think of a Stephen who's a professional photographer, but we certainly need some shots done.

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