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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Short and Sweet - Week 2 results

"Remember This" didn't do as well as "Faithless" in the judging - in fact it got no votes at all from the judges, and came fourth in the popular vote. Gerry Greenland's play "Return to Sender" came first in the judging and second in the popular vote, so I can't complain that they got it wrong.

Gerry, ferkster and I will be discussing how to write ten minute plays at the Short and Sweet Writer's Masterclass this Thursday (so we join such illustrious Short and Sweet Masterclass presenters as Katherine Thomson, Hilary Bell and Sir Ian McKellen.)

We had a great cast in "Remember This" and Mal did a terrific job with the direction. I think the script needed to be tweaked a little more, now that we'd seen how it played in a space.

For the record, here are the cast: Rick Cosnett, Gina Pollock, Phillippa Iemma (from Ferknerkle), Olivia Solomons (from Ferknerkle), Buddy Dannoun, Nick Harrington, and Jasmine (surname tba), not Tiffany Curlew as listed in the program.

I'm positive that some of them are destined for greater things.