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Beware the Creeper!

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Short and Sweet - Week 2 - "Remember This"

Our second play "Remember This" is currently on at the Seymour (only two days left, hop to it) but I fear it's not strong enough to beat the competition. Which is another reason to go to the Seymour this week, as some of the other plays are very, very good.

I would be very surprised if Gerry Greenland's play "Return to Sender" didn't win either the judges award, or the people's choice or both. Last year his play "Prime Angus Buttock" beat out "It's Not You" - next year we'll have to make sure we're not on the same bill. I would say he's one of the true discoveries of Short and Sweet and I hope to see a full length play from him.

(I think "Remember This" is going well, and is better than some of the other plays in its week, but Gerry's play is worth the price of admission alone. Sam Haft, who was originally cast in "Relics" but left to do a movie role, gives a great performance as well.)

However, I must say I found Van Badham's "Hillsong" banal, didactic crap, so you can easily miss the first ten minutes.

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I'm seeing the show Saturday night.

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