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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Short and Sweet results

The results from the second week at the Seymour are in, and Faithless came second in the Judges voting (by 1 vote!) and third in the People's Choice - it was the only play to place in both categories, which is how I prefer to look at it.

Taking the sheen off the results is my dislike of the play that won the Judges vote - "Woman from the Desert". I didn't think it was even a real play (more of a hastily improvised performance piece) but I've since found it was performed last year so I should put my prejudices aside - obviously there are things in it that I'm just not seeing. I'll admit the performances were strong, but I couldn't see what the point of it was.

Oh well. One down, and one to go (tech run tonight).

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Does this mean I got my dates wrong and missed faithless????

You missed Faithless. You are forgiven. Go now and sin no more....

Remember this is next Wednesday (15 /2) to Saturday(18/2/).

Well done on the good results. It's nice to feel that people notice what you do.

We was robbed. The winner was shit.....

that sort of crap gives theatre a bad name. And it wasn't by Barrie Kosky....

(Disclosure: I am married to one of the writers of the play, and the writer of this blog. But that doesn't stop me from being indignant)

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