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Oh yeah. One more thing.

Not play related.

I got the results of the various tests I've had since my collapse and the good news is -

well, there isn't any really good news, except that it's not diabetes or Meniere's disease or anything communicable or hereditary - it's just something that came loose in a small canal in my inner ear that can come loose at any time again and make me drop and vomit like a drunken marionette.

What have the top neurologists at RPAH given me for it?

A letter to show to Emergency the next time it happens, so I don't have to wait hours to get diagnosed like I did last time. I have to carry this letter with me at all times because -

that's the really groovy thing, they assured me it will happen again.

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Gee I hope this wasn't casued by me wacking you upside the head every time I see you.

That sucks. Don't lose that letter!

They cant fix your ear? At the ver least you know what it is.


Wait a minute. Collapse? I missed a few entries. Are you okay?

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