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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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The Spinning Defective

Thursday morning was the worse morning of my life.

I got up at 2:00am to relieve myself, only to find my sense of balance had gone. What's more, any motion was making me seasick. I made it to the toilet and emptied my stomach until my stomach couldn't empty itself any more. And then for some time after that. I lay on the bathroom floor waiting for the world to stop spinning so I could at least get up, but it refused the favour.

murasaki_1966 realised something bad was happening and called Emergency and my heaving form was danced to the ambulance by two men. As I had to keep my eyes closed as opening them just sent my pupils spinning I lost track of where I was.

I wound up in Emergency at RPAH.

Now, at least point, I should mention I had something very similar about five years ago called Benign Positional Vertigo. I was sure that's not what I was currently suffering from as BPV eventually stopped after you stopped moving. It was like the world slurring instead of spinning.

It was decided to see if my "BPV" could be fixed. BPV is fixed by bringing on the spins dramatically so that the crystal fragments in the inner ear causing eventually settle down and go back to adhering to the walls, like good little crystal fragments.

Unfortunately, in my case, it forced me to see more of my stomach then I ever want to see again.

And what's more, the nurse wasn't sure that he did it right the first time, so an hour later it was done again.

Same result.

Finally, after some entirely indefinite period of time, the neurologist appeared. "Let's see if we can fix that BPV..."

Same result.

(I never realised my stomach could hold so much fluid after it was emptied - it was like some horrible magic trick.)

Yes, there was something clearly wrong. No, they weren't sure what it was. So I was admitted for observation and further tests.

Friday - I can make it to the toilet by myself with only a slight reliance on the drip I had to wheel in with me. So I'm much much better (but like only 50% of my normal self).

Tests don't indicate diabetes, or anything else, so as I can walk around by myself without bumping into things (which probably is a first) they'll release me.

To cut a long four hours short, they eventually released me. There's this funny kind of timelessness in hospital when you're waiting for things that normally don't take much time at all to happen. We were waiting for the neurologist to set an appointment time so I could come in for further tests. But every time she appeared her beeper would go off and she'd disappear again, only to reappear an hour later looking more tired and haggard and apologetic only for her beeper to go off once more.

Another thing about hospitals is it's a great way to meet people who are worse off than you - and you don't even have to leave your bed! The guy in the bed opposite me (and the inspiration for the title of this post) had psioriasis - the same disease Dennis Potter had, that he wrote about in "The Singing Detective" - and poor Jesse (for that was his name, and not me adopting a poor Scottish accent) was turning 34. Yes, he was celebrating his birthday by watching the skin fall off his body.

Cheered me up, no end. Well, put things in perspective, anyway.

So, I'm back at home. Still dizzy, but not lunch threateningly so. I can't bend over much (there goes my love life), I can't walk very far, and I have to take breaks from reading lest I summon the spins. The consensus is "It's a virus" - doctor speak for "We haven't got a fucking clue, but you got better overnight, so probably all you need is rest."

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Just for the record, Thursday was the second worse morning of my life(1). Coming into the bathroom to find your best beloved throwing up and passing out on the floor is not something that I recommend. Several things went through my head very fast, something like "I don't have any way of fixing this/Oh god what's happened?/I need help/If he keeps vomiting at that rate he dehydrate/" (all in about a second flat) and then I rang 000.

And I want to give a great thank you to the staff at RPAH, They were all wonderful, patient and caring, both of Iain and I. One of the things that impressed me was that they told me what was going on, what they were doing and why. And the young neurological registrar, Dr Maria Faud was wonderful. I hope she has a long and happy career.

(1) The worst morning was the morning I went into hospital with a twisted ovarian cyst. I never want to have that sort of pain AGAIN. And Jack was wonderful.

Not good but what was it or they dont know ? Could it of been food posion reason I ask is because this happened to me throwing up head spinning in hospital for a week then I got better.

Everything is okay now?


I hope it wasn't caused by food poisoning because I made dinner that night! (and nobody else was affected.)

I'm feeling better (not nauseous, but still dizzy.)

I'm so glad you're out of hospital and recovering. Thats a truly horrible experience.

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