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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Holiday Games

Here are some flash games and other things I've accumulated over the year:

Grow Cube - a game of assembling the components in the right order. Otherwise undescribable. The other games on the website are equally bizarre.

Grid Game - a simple yet compulsive network game, reminiscent of Life

Mansion Impossible - high speed real estate development - Perfect for Sydney

Morning Sunshine - an whole collection of beautiful and simple flash games

Yeti / Penguin game - the infamous work time waster - club a penguin and see how far he goes!

And for those of you on Windows computers:

Cloud - requires download and installation but a beautiful and relaxing game of cloud sculpting - like a cross between Miyazaki and JG Ballard

and finally:

I've Found Her - For Babylon 5 fans - a completely unauthorised Starfury simulator, complete with Newtonian motion and hyperjumps. Big file and probably requires fairly high spec machines (it runs on a P3 800mhz though) but worth it.

There you go, and you thought you were going to get some work done these holidays.