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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Summer Holidays 2

"Real Christmas" was spent with my brother-in-law's family at their home in Illawong (part of the Shire we've heard so much recently.)

It was going well (except for, first murasaki_1966 then I forgetting to say grace) until the recent unpleasantness at Cronulla was raised (not by us) and disparaging remarks about Lebanese and people of Middle Eastern appearance were uttered by these otherwise good Christian folk.

I should have reminded them that their lord and saviour was of "Middle Eastern" appearance, but then if he had showed up in Cronulla he'd probably have been told to "f*ck off to Brighton".

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About the Grace thing. Lunch wasn't until 2pm and I was starving (so was Dad, we have the same metabolism). Bugger it, if you are going to say Grace make sure you do before your guests start gnawing the furniture.

As to the racism thing, I bit my tongue hard for two reasons. 1/ It was Christmas day and I didn't want to start a fight. 2/ Mum would have made my life hell if I had. She was already tell me to "Shut up" while I was having a conservation with other people. This sort of thing makes for a uncorfortable day, and was one of the reasons that I wasn't looking forward to spending Christmas with the Hobbits.

This year I feel my proper Christmas was with Iain's family. It was a wonderful happy time. Truely what Christmas is about.

Well I can't talk as I've had my own say on the Cronulla riots and one which pretty much comes down on the side of blaming the Lebanese gangs. My only saving grace (heh) is that I can distinguish between gangs and the general community. But then I'm a pagan

Our Christmas was very pleasant but tinged with the sad realisation that we probably only have a couple more like it then the oldest will be off and out of home :-(

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