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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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In amidst the tumult, another quiet death...

With the Terrorism, Work for Welfare (that's what I call it) and the IR laws through, there's another little nail in the coffin of Australian democracy that's passed almost unnoticed -

Margot Kingston's Webdiary has closed.

(okay, it's on life support through the other contributors at the moment, but it is still heart breaking that Margot couldn't keep it as a going concern.)

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It closed around Sept 21. She's moved onto yourdemocracy.net.au, which I check from time to time, but havent updated my links. I find the threads there quite hard to track and follow, unlike webdiary, where it was easy to identify who was posting what commentary.

I beg to differ - Webdiary moved to here. I know she has contributed to yourdemocracy.com.au (and I agree with you about it's usability, that's why I gave up on it.)

Where did you get the Sept 21 date from?

Just checked the September archives - no mention of closing down (I just scanned the headlines, though.)

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