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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Today's My Birthday!

Both murasaki_1966 and my mother have just sung me "Happy Birthday".

Let me know the good stuff that's happened to you today (I think benpeek has created a good tradition.)

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You were born, and so I get to share your birthday (and much more besides).

Would that you weren't the only Australian to say that.

I introduced a friend to dosai. She was impressed.

So they're an intergalactic mercenary now?

Sorry, that's Dorsai, isn't it?

You're a geek, Triffit.

No, no - Indian lentil crepe stuffed with spiced potato and served with coconut chutney. Very nice, vaguely exotic.

I started my new pod show "Gryphons guide to the Galaxy".



Good on you Lynne. What's the URL?


Not finished yet its a draft we havent launched it yet probably finished next week.

But will have more sold content then the defunct LD PLANET I should of started my first podcast with my husband anyways. We should do a show next week.


Happy Birthday! The shards from the $500 outdoor glass table my son accidentally broke look very arty in the huge jar I tipped them into.

Thanks for the best wishes, Kaaron. Have you put the jar on a window sill to check the light refraction? Could open a window to another universe!

Happy Birthday Sirrah! I will have to return the favour of beer when I return to the CBD.
As for what I was doing, I was on holiday, which may not be that exciting considering it was Sunday anyway but it cheers my soul. It was pouring with rain (still is intermittently) so I saw the kids off, watched 'Mullet' before taking last week's vids back and, uh, not much else (the Celebrity Spelling Bee on tele definitely counting as 'not much else')

Laid Back Berko

Happy belated birthday!

My voice improved enormously thanks to Karaoke therapy and the plegmy part of the flu going away.
Also the Discovery podcast reached 67 subscribers, 62 from iTunes. One of the other 5 is KWMD FM in Alaska. We have the backlist of more than 50 mp3 files for our show up at the Discovery archives.

I hope to be up and socialising with you soon.

Re: Happy belated birthday!

I seriously need to chat with Ian I will phone you during the week.

I suspect because I'm not going for the girl factor in the newpodcast rather the nerd/geek factor that we wont get many subscribers and be more in par with your stats.


Re: Happy belated birthday!

What's Karaoke Therapy? Is it a form of aural acupuncture? What happens if you choose the wrong tune? Do you have a relapse?

As you know, my doctors have been useless in helping me since I accidentally ingested neurotoxins in December 2002. So I've had to do the Mad Scientist thing and experiment on myself, after reading up on neurology and immunology and toxicology.

One of the symptoms they couldn't help me with was Mild Aphasia, which included voice problems. I figured that if singing activated a different part of the brain for people who stutter and helps them speak clearly, it may also help with my voice changes.

So I downloaded EvilLyrics and winamp, and sing along at home. My memory is too bad to remember lyrics without the prompt. Mysteriously, my voice was remarkably richer the next day.

Thus Karaoke therapy was born. I suspect the fact that I'm trying to match the singer's timing and inflection are part of what makes a difference. Until I went to a High School where the only extracurricular activities were sport and violence, I used to be part of a school choir. I think singing with another voice gives feedback ques for self-correction.

If I miss it for too many days, then my voice reverts to poor.

It sounds like you're forcing neural pathways to re-open that are otherwise used to being closed for the winter.

There appears to be a lot of breakthroughs in our understanding of neurology (like the experiment where people with injured limbs were taught to look at their uninjured limb as a method of pain adjustment) happenign at the moment.

I wonder if you've got a book there, about how you managed to self-diagnose and self-treat yourself. Though I can see it causing problems for people who don't have your scientific knowledge and research skills.

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