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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Slow weekend

Not as busy as the weekend before (friends staying over, Cat's 40th birthday [photos to follow]).

Went to the book launch for Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy but got too drunk too quickly (I'm too old to start drinking before lunch time) so went home instead of going to lunch with deborahb, benpeek, chrisbarnes, Margo Lanagan, Bill and Michelle, and Cat (to name drop). The launch was disappointing, as not even most of the regular suspects were there. I hope it isn't indicative of a lack of interest in literary SF in the Sydney community.

Sunday, had my first driving lesson. Didn't go too badly, I somehow found myself on Parramatta Road and managed to get back into the Five Dock back streets without panicking. Right hand turns are a bitch, though. I rather enjoyed driving, but murasaki_1966 requires me to have a few more professional lessons before she'll let me take the driver's seat in the pony.

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I'm not sure I count as a regular suspect, but I was working on a new project, which I think is at least a halfway decent excuse.

'tis true I was expecting you and Kyla to be there (but there were other, less worthies, that I was expecting as well.)

"New project" is more than a halfway decent excuse. Good luck with it.

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