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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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A rough year

I haven't updated lj in ages and quite a lot of things have happened in the interim, pretty much all bad.

The major event is that murasaki_1966 had a small stroke. She has made a full recovery, mostly, but still gets tired so we have to take things easier than we have been.

She was in hospital for three days, at home for two weeks and is back at work for 4 hours a day until the end of this week.

This was the culmination of a number of stressors that have been building up since her father's death last year.

The major one was the move. The owner of our house in Five Dock died in December. She had aggressive dementia and so our actual landlady was a friend of ours who had power of attorney. So we spent December moving a lot of stuff into storage, and January looking for somewhere else to live. We found a house in Canada Bay - which is the suburb next door to Five Dock, so we're within walking distance of our old neighbourhood.

Canada Bay itself is quite odd. Houses are much larger and the area feels much more suburban than inner-west. For example, there are no above ground power lines (until you go further up the street towards Parramatta Road.) The rent is twice what we were paying, and I'm further from work so transport costs more. The house itself is not quite as solid as it appears - although we've had no major leaks during the series of thunder storms we have had leaking pipes and still have an aggressively loud gas oven, for some reason. The house feels like an ill-fitting suit, but we are slowly coming to some sort of accommodation with our accommodation.

Another stressor was losing track of murasaki_1966's mother during the power outages up at Lake Macquarie - the phones were out and we had no way of contacting her. At least everything turned out okay there, in fact she was quite enjoying the company of neighbours and the bon homie of shared privation. A much hardier generation - I get the shakes if I don't have access to wifi.

murasaki_1966 has also had issues at work - after fighting for over a year to replace one staff member, she now may need to replace another.

Our neighbour broke her hip and has only just gained enough mobility to come around and visit us. Fortunately her neighbours still check on her, but it would have been a lot easier on all of us if we still lived over the road from her.

There's been so many minor problems with the house and the car that have required surprise outlays of cash that I'm developing THE FEAR of slipping into middle-class poverty. Our economic security blanket is getting a bit frayed.

Needless to say, my theatre work has grown moribund as I have lacked the emotional energy to write.

On the other hand - my nephew is in the country and we're driving down to Canberra on the weekend to see him. My brother's major project had its official opening today. We still have jobs that allow us some flexibility. And now that I worked out how to plug the gas heater in, we are warm if not entirely comfortable.

It would just be nice if the sky would stop falling for a change.

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Yikes. I feel for you both. Moving is horrid. Add all the other things happening...

Hope things start looking better for the both of you.

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