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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Watched whilst ironing

Julia's Eyes

Spanish thriller about a woman who believes she's being stalked by the same thing that killed her sister (and made it look like a suicide.) Oh, yeah, and her eyesight is deteriorating (as was her sister's.) This is genuinely creepy even while dependent on hokey and annoying behaviour to carry the plot forward. But then, it is a Spanish thriller. Produced by Del Toro even though the only monsters in it are human (whoops, spoiler!.)

Don't watch this if even the idea of eye injury freaks you out.

Like most of the Spanish horror/thrillers I've watched, it's not brilliant but it is better than most of the recent English made thrillers.

This is Jinsy

One episode of this aggressively weird comedy series set on the mythical island of Jinsy. Similar to League of Gentlemen and Psychoville but even more removed from the real world. The actual world-building is good (weird customs and slightly different technology) but the funniest thing in the episode was David Tennant's performance as a Lionel Blair style MC. After Broadchurch it's easy to forget what a great comic performer he is.

Requiem From the Darkness

Anime series about an author in historical Japan investigating traditional Yokai hauntings for his book and coming across a trio of perhaps supernatural vigilantes who exact justice for the crime underlying each haunting.

I've only watched three episodes and they adhere to the same formula, though an overall arc is appearing (the vigilantes are working for someone or something that wants them to kill off the author - they are not sold on the prospect.)

Has an expressionistic fluid style of animation that gives it a dream-like appearance though it is ultimately a supernatural tinged version of Criminal Minds (at the heart of each story is a psychopath who's psychology is analogous to the Yokai/Spirit that the author is investigating.)

Monster House

Dan Harmon cowrote this CGI Spielbergiana. A trio of suburban kids find they have to take down an assertively haunted house before Halloween gives it an unlimited food source (of trick or treaters.) There's a bit of an edge, especially around the relationships at the heart of the film, that show touches of what Harmon brought to Community. Produced by Robert Zemeckis though the Spielberg protege it reminded me of was Joe Dante.
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Don't watch this if even the idea of eye injury freaks you out.

that's why I don't watch films with you anymore. Eye injury.

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