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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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End of Loncon / Farewell London

Maybe I've been holding off on this post, because I just didn't want Loncon to end.

Though by the fifth day murasaki_1966 and I were just exhausted.

My friends Adrian and Victoria came to Loncon on Sunday and stayed for the Hugos. I was happy with the results and more than happy that SF for the White Man bloc came away with nothing.

Two highlights of the con from Sunday and Monday:

- the restored version of Nigel Kneale's adaptation of 1984. This was absolutely stunning and still holds up today, even more so. It does not look like a live TV broadcast from 1954 - it's very much its own thing. A remarkable piece of television and I'll pick up the DVD of the restored version when it comes out.

- having a chat with Bryan Talbot on the last day of the con. He saw us sitting down and came over to chat with us and I could finally ask the questions I'd been too starstruck to ask earlier. A lovely man and a great talent.

- I also attended a kaffeeklatsch with another guest of the con, the major games designer Tom Lehmann. I'm going to do an indepth post on that on my gaming blog.

The Tuesday after the con, we spent just decompressing - and sending off the first of three packages back home (the third goes today.) Wednesday was a shopping day, starting with a visit to the Bond in Motion event at the London Film Museum, with most of the actual vehicles (and some models) from the Bond films. Each vehicle had an accompanying clip showing it in action but my friend Adrian and I would have preferred more storyboards and behind the scenes material about how the action sequences were staged. Then it was off to Gosh! Comics, Foyles, Fopp, Forbidden Planet and the Orc's Nest - a disappointingly small games store in central London. We ended the day by seeing The Congress - a SF film based on Stanislaw Lem's The Futurological Congress - with electricant. It would have been nice to have seen The Congress before the Loncon panel on the Singularity as it packed a lot of interesting ideas into the film.

Thursday and Friday were museum days. We managed part of the British Museum, the Cartoon Museum and the Museum of Comedy on Thursday - which were all within walking distance of the flat. Friday we went to the museum district at South Kensington. There was a massive queue for the Museum of Natural History, so we went to the Science Museum instead, and then the V&A.

Saturday we went up the London Eye with my flatmate Alison, and we spend the rest of the day at Southbank, where I bought too many DVDs at the British Film Institute. Al then drove us over to Adrian and Vicki's for dinner and Dr Who.

Sunday, the morning was spent in the British Museum and the afternoon we saw a community theatre production in a farm in East London, written by a teacher of Al's.

And finally, Monday, today, we're packed, a brief (but not brief enough) walk in the rain, and now preparing for the last stage of the trip - the flight to Singapore and then back to Australia.

Farewell England, we've had a great time.

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Indeed. Thanks for a wonderful dinner.

Mary says hello!

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