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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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The Next Civil Rights Issue

Originally posted by supergee at The Next Civil Rights Issue
I like women. Therefore, I don't want to live in a virtual jungle where women are threatened for being women. What do we do about it?

Thanx to Geek Feminism.

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I found that changing my online and legal identity to be gender-neutral helped immensely!

First step should be to stop the gender segregation crap in schools.
Why do we still have compulsory school uniforms that cover the bodies of boys in muted tones because they are so serious with the shirts and tie, but girls must wear skirts and bright colours, because they are colorful and attractive! With legs! And from there, both little girls and little boys are being taught that girls are different.

I know a number of women who - for various reasons - have adopted a pseudonym for posting on Facebook.

Less men.

I'm glad it works for you but it is disquieting that you felt you had to do it to be able to participate fully in the online world.

Interesting point about gender segregation. I don't remember it being the case at our high school (but then you could pretty much wear whatever as long as they were in the browns of the school colours.) At primary school, boys wore gray and girls wore pink (albeit under a gray jumper - it was Canberra after all.)

That's probably symptomatic of the ingrained idea that males are active and females passive - something that never seems borne out in reality (once you take cultural practices out of the picture.)

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