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Quick check

Anyone else as bored with the AWU "scandal" as I am?

Muted the news last night because I was so sick of it.

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that happened months ago for me. if you can't make a scandal stick after twenty years, you're on your own.

Yes, the PM cut some corners and did some stuff that she proabably shouldn't have. But that's nothing compared to what Abbot did as a sitting Minister, and John Howard did as a sitting PM.

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So true. I'd like someone to dig into Tony's handling of the Pauline Hanson issue. Much as I hate the woman, if she didn't break the law she should never have been sent to gaol.

The mumbles about the place seem to be "...Grech...Godwin Grech..."

Unless Bishop or Abbott can produce a birth certificate showing that Gillard was born in Kenya, I would say the shark has well and truly been jumped.

God, I don't know how to comment anymore, without a Like button!
yes, am so bored of it, too.

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