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Now this is an Avengers films I'd like to see

But where's Steed and Gale/Peel/King/Purdey?

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I'd watch that one too.

Especially if Daniel Craig takes his shirt off.

Needs MOAR women (or even one would be nice.)

Let's see:

Mrs Peel
Hermoine Grainger (because you need a COMPETENT magician)
Jane Tennison

I'm running a little low here (no Sarah Jane for obvious reasons - anyone else?)

She could be the Nick Fury of the group.

I was also thinking Roz Myers (from Spooks.)

Roz would have Fury's balls on a plate.

Buffy or Max from Dark Angel (not both).

I'm after UK specific. For some reason a US team would be easier to put together.

Sophie Devereaux, of course. though she's from a US show.

...in a retirement home?

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