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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Haven't updated for a while

Mainly because nothing much has happened of import - it's all about to happen.

In summary:

- My brother is getting married for the second time in June. His fiancee is his old childhood sweetheart (I think I met her at his 21st birthday) so we'll be going down to Canberra for that weekend, but it will be all family business, so I'll doubt we'll get the chance to catch up with anyone (unless you want to meet us at the Bus Exchange Markets on the Sunday.)

- Tweatre is on hiatus at the moment. We got great reviews in Adelaide but minimal audience, and the show needs to be worked on more. We're checking out venues in Sydney at the moment, hoping to run it on a weekly basis. More news when we've nailed a home down.

- We're spending our 10th Wedding Anniversary in Paris this year and moving on to London during September/October. We have our London accommodation and flights booked but still need to work out where we are staying in Paris. All suggestions gratefully received.

- I saw my old friend Shane Dundas' stand up show on Friday night. (He's one half of the Umbilical Brothers - the other half, David, was in the audience and we hope to catch his show next week.) Shane's show "Believe" will be on in Canberra from the 4th of May so you can catch it then.

At the end of the show Shane started doing a Rolf Harris impression with the white board he was using (he's a talented cartoonist, so I was hoped he was going to do it DURING the show) so I just had to take my jumper off so he could see the t-shirt I was wearing

With Shane and Shane's Rolf impression

- I'm off to the Randling grand final on Tuesday (the audience, that is.) It will be weird to be in the studio audience for the final episode of a show that hasn't aired yet. No spoilers.

So how are things with you?

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Quite okay, thanks for asking.

Hotel Europe Saint Severin on the left bank, near Saint Severin church and the Cluny museum is my fave. It's moderately priced with moderately good rooms, but it has very friendly and helpful multilingual staff, a Velib station out the front, two or three Metro stations in easy walking distance, is just across the water from Notre Dame, just up the road from Shakespeare and Co and is surrounded by good food in most directions. Check to see if they still have their best attraction, Isis the hotel cat!

I like the sound of this place...especially the cat.

She was the best bit! Every time we came into the foyer she would appear to see who it was, and, having learned we were patting people early on, would trot over for her daily worship ;-)

Isis the hotel cat

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