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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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"The Only Winner is the Liberal Party"

It's not often I agree with Michael Duffy

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That way lies madness......

There's a very simple explanation for Rudd's popularity. Julia Gillard. It's not that people would actually prefer Kevin Rudd, it's more that they'd prefer absolutely anyone rather than Julia Gillard. Given the choice between Rudd and Tony Abbott there's no doubt the voters would pick Abbott.


oh wait, you're serious!

oh wait, you're serious!

Absolutely. Labor might still have friends in the inner city but I can assure you they have no friends at all outside that area. I live in Wyong. You know, the rock-solid safe Labor seat that the Liberals won in the last state election.

The problem with the Labor Party today is that it's not only completely out of touch with everybody who doesn't live in Balmain, it has not the slightest idea that it's out of touch. The level of hatred for Labor where I live continues to astound me.

oh wait, you're serious!

I suspect the next election will be very much like the 2000 election in the US, when people on the Left were wandering around afterwards in a state of shock saying, "But everyone I know voted for Al Gore! How could this happen?"

Tony Abbott might be hated by ABC viewers and by Sydney Morning Herald readers, and by everyone who lives in the inner city, but those people aren't enough to get Labor re-elected. The election won't be lost in Annandale, it will be lost in seats like Dobell where I live.

I used to be an inner-city Labor Party member and I know just how clueless Labor is about life outside the inner city.

Oh god - you used to be a Labor Party member?

You have my sympathies.

Yes, we basket-weaving, tertiary educated, inner city types are shit-scared that Abbott will get in - but he's still a fairly hated leader in general, according to most polls.

Mind you, you have a point that Labor is probably hated even more - despite Australia dodging a bullet during the recent GFC, something the Labor Party has not been able to get people to understand. I don't think they've even tried as they're so caught up in their internal strangulation.

What I feel has happened is that the political caste and the media caste have completely separated from the reality of their constituents and now exist in a free floating bubble. Abbott can clearly get away with having no policies and pure negativity, because it creates enough conflict for the journalists so that they don't need to write a real story. And he should know, he used to be a journalist.

The next election will probably be a race to the bottom - though if the Libs can keep Abbott away from a camera they may be able to romp it in.

But in good news - Mark Arbib has quit. Probably off to run the new casino James Packer's building.

What I feel has happened is that the political caste and the media caste
have completely separated from the reality of their constituents and now
exist in a free floating bubble.

Yep. And their constituents know it, and they know how much contempt these elites have for ordinary people. There's a burning desire out there in what used to be the Labor heartland in suburbia to give Labor a kicking they'll never forget.

The ill-advised alliance with that most arrogant and elitist (and extreme) of all political parties, the Greens, just makes that desire even stronger.

I look back on my Labor Party days with shame. They're like the Mafia but without the sense of honour. They're basically thugs.

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