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There's fancy dress - then there's Fancy Dress

Last weekend we were in Canberra for two birthday celebrations - my niece's 1st birthday, and my mother's 70th. My mother was having a party, her actual birthday is at the start of the year, so we went to a party supply store to arrange balloons for the guests' tables.

And this is what I saw for sale:

secret wishes collection

I guess that's pretty straightforward - super heroine costumes for consenting adults. I mean, who hasn't had a -


- fantasy.

(and kudos to "Secret Wishes" for being more progressive than DC in having a black Batgirl.)

But wait - what's that next to the Batgirl costume?

It couldn't be, could it?



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goes a bob-bob-bobbin.

that is very disturbing....

but I hear millionaire Bruce Wayne has just ordered a carton of them...

Yeah, but he wants those icky breast thingys taken out.

Ten thousand cartons. Anything less would be suspicious.

Sorry, darling. Batgirl doesn't come in my size.

...It's the Ghostbuster one that really messes with my head, for some reason.

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