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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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but hopefully not.

A new online news website has started up - The Global Mail.

Worth reading just for Ellen Fanning's piece on electricity prices (part 1 of a series.)

Between this and The Conversation, Australia's producing some of the best online only news services in the world.

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Monica Attard (one of my heroines) is heading it. She was on RN's Media Report talking about it. Interesting back story.

Boy. That was chore. By the time I'd read one page, the options to forward to the next page disappeared so I had to reload and start over. Why can't online news be availabel offline?

Weird - they're using some horizontal scrolling thing with the controls at the left and right of the screen. Seemed to work okay for me, but I noticed it took a couple of tries to load on the iPhone (at least the site was "optimised" for mobiles.)

Mind you, looking at the site again, some of the photos haven't loaded.

They've probably got the traditional teething problems (and have made the layout too complicated) - I also imagine their servers are being hammered at the moment.

Probably being hammered by me trying to read the article. So, it's your fault.

Here in W.A, if you have a smart meter you can opt for paying insanely more for your power - SmartPower - at peak times, and insanely less at trough times, and almost normal at shoulder times. We're in the summer pattern now.

What that article implies is that this choice isn't available Australia wide...is it not? I'm surprised because it really seems to be addressing the problem that the article points out.

Summer Pattern energy costs from Synergy for Week Days

7am - 11am Costs 20.42 KWh2
11am - 5pm Costs 40.14 KWh2
5pm - 9pm Costs 20.42 KWh2
9pm - 7am Costs 10.78 KWh2

High energy requirement tasks like running the dishwasher and washing machine after 9pm or even just running the pond pump on weekends only make a huge difference. Having devices that have timers is very helpful this way - load and set!

Weekend rates all year round are 16.92 from 7am to 9pm and 10.78 after 9pm.

To compare, the Standard Flat Rate is 20.83 KWh2

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