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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Goddamn kids stay off our back lawn

So - a couple of months ago we found a suspicious length of garden hose missing from our back lawn.

We finally attached a padlock to the side gate.

Today murasaki_1966 found another length of hose taken - so they're probably coming over the fence.

Can't they just drive down to Canberra and pick up a bong there?

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What is it with people who have to steal crap they could just as easily buy, cheaply? People steal the signs in front of work all the time. They are cheap plastic on cheap pine, and they still steal them. What they hell are they going to do with that?

Don't know, but I''m tempted to get a dog. A large one, with teeth.

... and why do they always cut it out of the middle?

That really annoys me. I''m tempted to put up a sign:

"If you must cut parts out of our hose, please take the bit you need from the end".

I'm pretty sure it's teenagers.

we solved this problem with the caravan in Jindabyne by hanging a few "pre-cut" legnths next to the tap...

...turns out stoners are lazy.

We never had a problem again.

I think I will take your advice. The bloody hose is too short now anyway.

I don't suppose it's worth the trouble to bait a trap with bits of hose..?

The hose-pipe hanging technique is the same solution they used to use out in the bush, when Australian aboriginal people would smash the ceramics in the early telegraph poles. They ended up putting broken ceramics around the bottom for them to take, and they never had smashed electronic ceramics again.

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