jack_ryder (jack_ryder) wrote,

Second Xmas in Canberra

So now we're in Canberra for official Xmas.

We drove down (or up, depending on your point of view/reference) yesterday afternoon, after dropping a remarkably compliant Trixie off the cattery. The trick appears to be to set the cage up in my study, with the lights off. Once she's scooped off the bed and placed in it, the darkness seems to calm her. Of course, knowing Trixie, that will probably only work once.

Everything was going well until we hit the M5 which had turned into one of those slow moving masses of cars, similar to the viscous flow of cars from the Superdome Acer Arena carpark after a concert - or maybe we'd got caught up in a funeral procession by the North Korean expatriate community. It turned out to be triggered by a nasty backender near the toll gates, after that the traffic flow improved until it was no longer cruelly mocked by the speed limit signs.

Leaving Sydney is always the hardest part of the trip south - not emotionally, but physically.

But we made it to Canberra - we even took the Gungahlin bypass which now appears suitable for car transport now - on previous forays it appeared that we were expected to abandon our vehicles and go by mule train, at least until the Belconnen Way exit. And, quelle surprise the Tuggeranong Expressway exit is not only clearly marked, but not really a exit at all now. It is the city exit that's assigned one measly lane. Mind you, I made the mistake of looking back at the intersection to see how the intersection from the Woden side to the city worked, and almost lost my mind to the non-Euclidean geometry.

So now we are in Canberra until after NYE. We have arranged meet-ups and excursions with gillpolack, capnoblivious and cloudsprite, but will otherwise be minding my brother's place and making use of his high-def tv set.

So to those of you who will, quite sensibly, have your computers off tomorrow, I wish you all a Happy Xmas, Hannukah and holidays.
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