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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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First Xmas

This weekend, we are celebrating the first of our two allocated Xmas's with murasaki_1966's parents - "up at the lake".

Nothing much to report, but that's the way that it is up here - a few houses have changed, a few for sale, but not much else.

We made an emergency run to a nearby Coles because vital Xmas supplies (i.e. crackers and pudding) had been left behind in the mad rush to get out the door and on the road before the mad rush, but otherwise the stay here is as uneventful (thankfully) as it always is.

Oh yes, aside from the fire engines. We were greeted by a phalanx of fire engines in full cry as we entered the final stretch. No emergency, just their usual Santa run - same time every year.

When we come up here a curious lethargy overcomes me in the afternoon. By typing these words, I'm attempting to stave it off.

I'm also making more use of the writing tools I bring with me, just in case an idea strikes. However, ideas fail to take hold on fallow ground, so the next series of lj posts, will be basically my way of refertilising.

Hope everyone's having, or about to have, a great holiday.

A view from the verandah. Quiet, isn't it?

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Actually, dear reader, when he's says "quiet" he means human activity. It's actually not that quiet.

Noises you can hear on my parents' front verandah if you listen:
Wind in trees, magpies, kookaburras, cicadas, noisy miners, channel billed cuckoo, neighbour's dogs, neighbour's mower, sulphur crested cockatoos mugging you for biscuits, rainbow lorikeets begging for seed, and so forth.

That's the morning, in the afternoon the neighbour who runs a heavy machinery hire business and therefore never grew out of Tonka Toys, but just upsized, starts using the mower, the back hoe, the front end loader (to be fair: he was fxing his drain), and the dump truck. His kids are either riding their dirt bikes(although they seem to have stopped that lately) or driving the huge sit on mower about. Quiet? really?

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