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Beware the Creeper!

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The Lost Room

murasaki_1966 and I just finished watching The Lost Room - a SciFi (or is it SyFy now?) channel miniseries with Peter Krause (from one of our favourite shows - Six Feet Under.)

On the one hand - it's not that great. It has some good actors (Julianne Margulies, Kevin Pollack, Ewen Bremner, Dennis Christopher) - in fact better than I would expect from a SciFi/SyFy production - but it felt underwritten and almost cursory in some places.

On the other hand - I don't know of anything like it (as far as TV goes.) It reminded us both of Tim Powers (one of our favourite authors) and it's definitely stayed with us. While I think the mythology (unique to the show) could have been better handled, it's definitely different to most shows and verges on grappling with some very interesting issues (especially about faith.)

One of the striking elements of The Lost Room is how quickly the characters adapt to the supernatural goings-on (I'm not going to describe the show to those unfamiliar with it - it's probably better watched cold.) Of course, they're presented as undeniably strange but it's refreshing to see a fantasy series where the main characters don't waste valuable time denying the reality of what's happened to them. In many ways it appears influenced by the New Weird movement 

In a way it reminds me of a short lived series called Strange Luck and also Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere -  but I guess what I'm really asking is: aside from those examples does anyone know of anything similar?

Despite its flaws, The Lost Room was definitely one of the most interesting SF/Fantasy series we've seen. If you don't know of it (and you're an SF/Fantasy fan) - it's very much worth seeing.

Oh - and there's going to be a comic book continuation.

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I found The Lost Room to be a very pleasant surprise. And yes, it is reminiscent of Tim Powers (one of my favourite writers as well).

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