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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Nervous Exhaustion

After four nights of no sleep, endless issues with the show venue and not a few paranoid and illconsidered e-mails, I woke up on Friday - or rather got up - found myself so tired I could not contemplate going to work.

After a rather slurred message to my boss, I found my body, um, spasming as I tried to go to the toilet.

Then I found myself uttering random sounds and lying on the bed twitching.

It was that point I though I should call for an ambulance. I found it hard to push the words out. There seemed to be a disconnect between my brain and my mouth.

I thought I was having a stroke.

SPOILER: I wasn't

I had a CAT scan and a MRI and - it may surprise some people - no problems were found. The neurologists amused themselves moving my eyes around the room and hammering my extremities and a speech therapist helped me string a sentence together, but found my throat muscles weren't letting me swallow successfully.

So - a night in hospital on Nil By Mouth.

And after one night, where I actually slept, I'd pretty much recovered.

murasaki_1966 stayed with me the whole time (except the evening - it was a locked ward) and she was marvelous - especially as I couldn't talk to her and erupted into the occasional spasm.

So I'm out now, but I'm missing the last two shows so I can get my nervous system back under control.

And I'm going to hopefully be sleeping a fair bit.

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Eek. I've had a couple of moments of "body does something freaky in response to extreme stress" but nothing like as bad as that. I'm glad you seem to have recovered.

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