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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Nervous Exhaustion

After four nights of no sleep, endless issues with the show venue and not a few paranoid and illconsidered e-mails, I woke up on Friday - or rather got up - found myself so tired I could not contemplate going to work.

After a rather slurred message to my boss, I found my body, um, spasming as I tried to go to the toilet.

Then I found myself uttering random sounds and lying on the bed twitching.

It was that point I though I should call for an ambulance. I found it hard to push the words out. There seemed to be a disconnect between my brain and my mouth.

I thought I was having a stroke.

SPOILER: I wasn't

I had a CAT scan and a MRI and - it may surprise some people - no problems were found. The neurologists amused themselves moving my eyes around the room and hammering my extremities and a speech therapist helped me string a sentence together, but found my throat muscles weren't letting me swallow successfully.

So - a night in hospital on Nil By Mouth.

And after one night, where I actually slept, I'd pretty much recovered.

murasaki_1966 stayed with me the whole time (except the evening - it was a locked ward) and she was marvelous - especially as I couldn't talk to her and erupted into the occasional spasm.

So I'm out now, but I'm missing the last two shows so I can get my nervous system back under control.

And I'm going to hopefully be sleeping a fair bit.

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Oh my gosh! Drink lots of water, you are probably dehydrated, too. And sleep, sleep, sleep! Sounds like your body lost the power to go sleepless for many nights, and Hello! We are all older now! You are supposed to take better care of yourself than that!

...Lecture over. Just concerned. I'm very fond of my friends on the other side of the world.

Listen to your wife, and she will make you take better care of your self. Don't make me send her a pair of killer elbows.

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