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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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More about Tweatre

Well, the technology works. We can display stuff to both the audience and the cast. We've done a couple of runthroughs, one with an audient and one with a couple of tweeters. There's the customary things that go wrong, and I still have to do the program and burn the music.

But other than that - it's ready.

It's running from Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday next week at Newtown Theatre.

And it's the only show in the Sydney Fringe that wants you to have your mobile phones on.

So now, all we need is an audience.

Won't you come along to


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We have tickets! Seems a good start.

Booked for the 20th, m'dear!

WOOT! Opening night! Yay!


Is that an audience of two?

So it is. I checked the OED. Smart arse, but I still love you.

Yep. Don't look so surprised; it spoils the effect.

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