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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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I'm back on Facebook

commence mocking laughter now.

(It was too difficult to sustain my principles and now that G+'s evil plan is revealed, slightly hypocritical.)

(I'm so ashamed...)

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*laughs mmockingly* (Because I can)

What evil plan? Why wasn't I told?

Eric Schmidt wants to make GigglePlus a default identity service - http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2011/aug/30/google-plus-discuss-identity thus their enforcement of "real names" (which can't work.)

So, I can ignore it now, despite you're pleading for me to join it?

Or you can ignore it later.

Their real name policy is laughingly easy to get around. They only insisted that I have a last name. Look for Ratfan X!

The implications are that Google will use your ID to authenticate you for other services - such as Google checkout. Might cause problems if your Google ID doesn't match your credit card.

Oops. Well then, it'll be *goodbye*!

And if you get pulled up on it, they can block access to your gmail account and everything else, as well as G+ (assuming you are integrated in that way).

I took one look at their content policy and their real names policy and decided I was having nothing to do with this.

"Google argues that people behave better when they use their real names." Nanny state policies are scary enough when they're enforced by governments. Now we have Google setting themselves up as the world's universal net nanny.

And of course this will be an incredibly useful resource for any governments with nanny state mentalities (the present Australian government springs to mind immediately). Would Google allow such information to be used this way? You betcha, if there was any advantage in it for them.

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