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Back from New Zealand

Actually we got back on Friday (and we were home an hour and 15 minutes after the plane landed!)

Busy catching up with stuff including what you all have been up to - BTW - congratulations to those nominated for Ditmars and Aurealis awards whilst we were away.

A full(ish) accounting will follow once we've emptied the camera into the computer and checked through the photos.

Brief abstract: we had a great time, caught up with relatives I hadn't seen in years (and a few I'd seen more recently), had a great time with i_ate_my_crusts in Auckland and threemonkeys in Wellington and we're already plotting our return to New Zealand. murasaki_1966 bought back so many stuffed birds we were worried we'd be done for bird smuggling and I will have (once it arrives) a ray gun from Weta - picture to follow once it arrives home.

We had a great time and we're already missing my relatives there.

We'll be back in 2013 or so.

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