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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Costello's incoherent argument against the flood levy

Is it just me, or does his arguments seem economically illiterate for "the world's greatest treasurer"?

And why is the argument about the "wasteful school hall construction program" still going? I thought it had been discovered that there was only 2% inefficiency - which is much lower than the private programs that the Howard Government lumbered us with.

And the missing word from your argument against the levy, Peter, is "infrastructure" - unless you want charities to pay Queenslanders to rebuild their own infrastructure themselves. I'm sure there's heaps of private contractors that you and Abbott can recommend.

God, he's like a vile stain that just won't wash out...

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I saw it but didn't read it - most of his articles are bilge. Then again, most of Bishop's articles are bilge. And I'm coming to the view that anything written by the other side is bilge.


Ross Gittins had a good column earlier in the week.

Ross Gittins had a good column earlier in the week.

Yeah, but then I made the mistake of reading the comments...

Am I the only one to start equating "ordinary Australians" with "brownshirts"...

Yeah - the only reason to read the comments is for a reminder of why even the dodgier columnists get paid the big bucks. :)

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sorry, the below is a reply to your post.

I know. I can't believe people aren't more offended by how Abbott and Costello have appropriated natural disasters for their own political ends. It's just so offensive.

there was a Peter Hartcher column in Sat paper about that.

the problem is you read the online stuff.

just read the paper and the letters to the editor.

Suggestions for budget cutting:

The $83 or so million to private schools. That money can be used to re-build schools in all the areas that need it.

Ex-Priministers, ministers and members of parliment can give up their after-office privilges allowances. No one else has their employer supply them with an office, secretary, free travel, et al afer they leave the job. that should save a motza.

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