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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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The Oscar nominations are in -

and I'm delighted to learn that Ben Snow (old school friend) has been nominated for Iron Man 2 (this makes his fourth nomination) and that Shaun Tan has scored a well-deserved nomination for The Lost Thing (and if you don't have a copy of both the book and the DVD, you are missing out!)

I don't normally do this, but it is Australia Day so...


And now I must shower the patriotism off me.

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It kinda worries me that friends of friends are being nominated for Ocasrs. I move in the wrong circles and must return to normal ones where success is forbidden.

So, there might be a Hugo in your future.

I know people who have Hugos. That's as good as it gets. In fact, I have a friend who has designed the Hugo stand - that's better than it gets.

Same friend as our friend who designed the Hugo.

The only bad part about this now is we will have to watch the bloody broadcast.

If we watch the bloody broadcast together we could eat gourmet food and drink gourmet wine and make gourmet snark.

that's a good form of patriotism though; taking pride in our achievements, rather than in how noisy or how emphatic we are.

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