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Le sigh

Because an anonymous troll has followed an lj user to my lj, I've had to tighten things a bit.

Serves me right.

BTW - my unattributed photo is on about 85 Fairfax syndicated sites at least.

Le sigh

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I just don't get people who think at the internet's sole purpose was to be somewhere to express their judgmental opinion, open slather... I have always felt that a blog is like someone's lounge room. You are sitting in a space controlled by your host, and you are seeing exactly what they want you to see. The things being said and done in the lounge room are intended for the people who know the host... just because you might be able to peer in through the window, doesn't give you the right to pop a note through the door criticizing the conversation.

The troll's argument was with one of the commenters, so it was like having guests in your lounge room and someone wearing a mask barging in and continuing an argument they were having with one of your guests and telling you not to trust them.

... Then they get all indignant and offended when you ask them to leave?

it was attributed when i saw it. but that was about 2.30pm.

You have to fight to get anything...
You should have got $$$.

Yes, it was attributed on the Sydney Morning Herald site = but not on the Hawkesbury Gazette, the Gippsland Times, the Blayney Chronicle, the Launceston Times, etc, etc.

It looks like I'll have to invoice them. And report them to the Press Council, and update my report to Media Watch.

Ask for $100 per use of photograph....that's reasonable.

Yes, well, they have to have permission to publish a pic.
If they didn't, they should have at least done an attribution first up.

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