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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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Julian Assange should get the Nobel Peace Prize

sez Charles Stross

And I agree with him.

(via supergee )

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He has a point, and I have books to process....

I should point out that by and large, the world press (including our own) has been neutered by the interests of big business.

I read an article somewhere (probably from Mark Evanier's site. That's where I go for my news commentating) that the leaks will almost definitely have the opposite effect of what Julian Assange wants. i.e. cause governments to become even more secretive and not record what they're doing.

Stross' argument is that Assange wants to make it harder for the lobby groups to influence the government secretly (I'm vastly paraphrasing.)

I tend to think that Assange's doing something right if he's pissing off people who need pissing off.

Very likely, but in this age of electronic downloads, it's just too easy. If you want better security over this stuff, go back to paper and pens.

And one-time pads.

I was a bit surprised that the cables weren't better encrypted.

Secrecy is often counter-productive, and it's always costly. Agencies that take that route will, with luck, disappear up their own fundaments.

(Caveat: I speak from informed optimism rather than actual rational analysis.)

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