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Beware the Creeper!

Iain's life as a psychotic crimefighter

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I've been kind of off-line

as I've been home with the squits - that is a form of explosive diarrhoea gifted to me by the thoughtful murasaki_1966 (honestly, the Old Grey Whistle Test dvds were more than sufficient for a birthday present.)

murasaki_1966 had it far worse but in the way of all things her's really only lasted a day, whilst mine lasted most of last week (I'm only just on solids, as it were.)

So much of that time has been spent, well, resting as I haven't been up to much else (activities being subject to constant interruption.)

I did manage to watch a fair bit of the second series of the Big Bang Theory - mostly to keep my spirits up. As I was physically able to stay in one place for longer than 22 minutes at a time I experimented with some dvds: Pontypool - which I recommend (especially if you don't know anything about it), and The Cell - which I can't recommend as it seems to be a powerpoint presentation on trends in late 20th century visual art somehow spliced into a serial killer film. With Jennifer Lopez as an especially boring lecturer.

Things are settling down so I shall be at work tomorrow (and even better, at Leonard Cohen tomorrow night) so I just thought I drop in and remind people I was still alive.

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Glad you're still alive. Even gladder I don't get to be haunted by your ghost...

May you be wondrously well in time for Leonard Cohen.

Hope you're both feeling better now!

You'll do anything to get out of work and spend time watching DVD's won't you?

It has made me reconsider that particular strategy...

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