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Beware the Creeper!

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Another WTF moment from the Federal Opposition

So that's how "audited" budget costings turned out to have an 11 billion dollar hole.

And to think they're still a heart attack/scandal away from being our government...

(having a shitty day at work so I've got to take it out on you all...)
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This isn't actually a revelation, is it? It was pretty clear during the campaign that it was their sums that were being checked, not their policies.

The revelation was that it was just their sums being checked rather than being officially audited (which means they deliberately lied - but, no surprises there.)

Could probably save time by assuming that from the start.

Must be why they didn't trust the Treasury costings - the Treasury runs a fact-based economy.

And to continue (mainly as everything I'm touching at work today is turning to crap) don't the Libs position themselves as a safe pair of hands economically? I doubt that the current rabble would have got us through the GFC relatively intact.

I always thought Joe Hockey was an economic illiterate (which is great coming from me) but I never thought they'd be so brazen about it (which is maybe what I'm reacting to - It's not the depth of the lie it's how proud they are of it.)

But then the media (well, the mainstream media) seem to have no interest in holding any of the major parties to account.

The coalition got an absolute free ride on economics through the campaign. It was hard to watch.

Because when it fails to be reported you start to wonder "Am I the only person who sees this?"

Lenore Taylor is the only columnist I know of who even raised it. Maybe Laura Tingle did too, but I don't read AFR.

Jesus, the p on my keyboard is missing in action again

Jesus won't help - but ask Abbott and he'll tell you it's working.

Jesus is my friend. He's dysfunctional and dead, but he's a friend.

Most of the electorate are economical illerate (including my good shelf). Most eople just don''t add up the numbers. But you'd hink they'd have the nounce to notice that the Libs kept promising large sums all the time, but never mentioning how it would be aid for. That's what you get for having a credit based economy.

Sorry - that should have been "either of the main parties to account."

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